Packing and reporting for international leader in power and automation technologies

ABB is an international leader in power and automation technologies, operating in over 100 countries. With around 140,000 employees within the ABB group, they help utility, industry, and transport and infrastructure customers to improve their performance whilst lowering environmental impact.

They approached Tuplin after they won a major contract to supply computer control equipment to Australia, with rigorous export packing and reporting demands placed on them by their customer.

The goods were high value and needed careful packing to meet export packing regulations and to offer protection during long sea-freight journeys.

AAB needed a guaranteed 48 hour turnaround for completing export packing, marking and communications of the completed shipment details – all at a fixed rate.

The Solution

We worked with ABB closely to determine the exact packing specification needed for the safest and most economical transportation.
Also, we increased our stock of cases and packing materials specifically used for ABB’s computer control equipment to ensure we were always able to meet the agreed delivery guarantees.

Due to the reporting requirements of ABB’s customer, we also set up a reporting system that would allow ABB to monitor all aspects of each shipment at each stage of its journey, giving both ABB and their customer the peace of mind that there shipment would arrive at its destination as planned.
As it was an important contract for ABB, they initially required us to attend monthly meetings to ensure we met our guarantees. They also employed and external inspector to verify the quality and integrity of our packing and handling process.

After only 3 visits, the external inspector reported back that our packing was “the best quality work he had ever seen” and he was no longer required.

The Benefits

  • Full monitoring of every shipment for peace of mind
  • Expert packing to meet regulations and provide safe shipping
  • Fixed rate shipping with a guaranteed fast turnaround

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