Local packing and transport of high value fine art collections

We were approached by a world-renowned artist and sculptor to move a collection of large clay and concrete sculptures to a gallery in London. These high value sculptures were non-standard shapes and sizes, many of which were top-heavy and weighing up to 1,500kg.

The movement of these high value goods was a delicate and demanding project, which needed our expertise and experience to ensure they arrived at the gallery in perfect condition.

The Solution

Our on-site packing team visited the fine art workshop to create a plan to safely carry out this complex project.

The plan involved taking detailed measurements of each individual sculpture, and pre-building bespoke cases at our Horley facility. These cases were then dismantled, flat-packed and transported back to the workshop.

In the workshop each item was carefully and painstakingly packed in preparation for shipment. This involved gradually building up the cases with supports and padding made from specialist foam, only allowed to touch specific parts of the sculptures to avoid any damage.

In the end, the cases themselves were a work of art.

After packing was completed, a specialist truck with a unique Hiab lifting attachment was used to gently lift the cases into position and transport them carefully to the other side of London.

On arrival, we carefully reversed the process and delivered the artwork safely to the awaiting gallery owner.

The Benefits

  • Custom cases designed and built for non-standard goods
  • Safe and secure transit using specialist machinery
  • Careful planning to ensure delivery deadlines were met
  • On-site packing to reduce unnecessary transit time

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