Tuplin Royston has a long and successful relationship with the world’s leading supplier of advanced technology for measuring and managing the quality of sound and vibration. Our client is well established in more than 50 countries around the globe with customers in a wide range of sectors including aerospace and automotive.

In July of 2019 they asked Tuplin to prepare for the packing of a 16,500 kilogram shaker machine, along  with transformers, control cabinets, cabling and spares totalling in excess of 4000 kilograms, all destined for a customer in South Korea.  These are high performance products that are designed for testing of large items particularly within the aerospace and satellite construction industries.

Tuplin’s customer had highlighted the short time frame available for the project and in addition, the size and weight of the item meant a standard lorry could not be used as transport.

To resolve the logistical issues Tuplin Royston pre-built a huge, bespoke base to an exacting spec and loaded this onto a specialist, low loader truck. This was transported over to our client’s manufacturing facility, where their internal crane was used to position the system onto the base, still on the low loader.

This specialist transport and custom base method is one example of how Tuplin work closely with their clients. In this case, not only did we successfully complete the job in a very limited time scale, but the detailed preplanning meant our customer saved money without compromising the quality of the finished packing.   

The shaker then returned to Tuplin and was prepared for packing by strapping and bolting the item to the base. Once secured the entire system was hermetically vacuum sealed within a custom foil bag providing protection from the elements during its long voyage to Korea.

Construction of the timber and plywood box began by erecting a timber frame followed by cladding in 18mm ply. To allow for ease of shipping around the world all Tuplin’s bespoke export cases are manufactured with ISPM15 compliant timber. The final touches were to sheath the box with a custom made heavy duty tarpaulin which was then secured to the base and marked with the internationally recognized shipping marks. Having completed packing of the main shaker all other items were individually packed in a similar manner including the sealed foil bag.

Tuplin Royston were very excited to be involved in this unusual project that allowed us to demonstrate our expertise in packaging oversized, heavy items with the same excellence that our customers have come to expect.  

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