At the end of the Brexit transition period on 1st January 2021 the United Kingdom will no longer be a member of the European Union Customs Union & Single Market. As the United Kingdom will be designated a ‘3rd Party Country’ to the EU, it is a legal requirement that all Wood Packaging Material moving to and from the UK and the EU will be required to comply with the ISPM15 Regulations.

ISPM15 is an international standard for wood packaging material (WPM) that undergoes a treatment process to prevent the spread of foreign pests and species into non-native areas which could harm local ecosystems. This standard applies to all WPM with thickness more than 6mm and the process can be conducted either through Heat Treatment (56 Celsius for a duration of 30+ minutes) or Methyl Bromide Fumigation. Once these processes are complete, the timber is able to be marked proving its compliance.

Wood Packaging Material is inclusive of, and not limited to, pallets, crates, cable drums & wooden dunnage used to secure items. Packages shipped using these materials were previously all able to freely move between the UK & EU with no restrictions. Going forwards where non-compliant WPM materials are used, the consignment is liable to be removed from circulation and destroyed so as to remove any risk to local plant health. Any charges would be billed back to the customer by customs and this could include charges for re-packing & handling and/or being returned to the origin point.

Across all Tuplin depots, 100% of our WPM is compliant with the ISPM15 standards having been Heat Treated in accordance with 56/30. With no ineligible material being stocked at any of our facilities, there is no risk of cross-contamination and you can be re-assured that the packaging manufactured by Tuplin will not only be more than fit for purpose but able to move freely throughout the whole world.

In accordance with our 9001 and 14001 ISO Accreditations, Tuplin ensures that the quality & environmental aspects of our work are always at the forefront of our processes.

For more information on how the UKs departure from the European Union will affect your shipments going forwards, please contact us directly where our staff will be able to assist accordingly. Speak to your local contact or call our Head Office on 01293 433433 or email

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